8-Week Medicine, Marriage & Money Group Coaching Program for Women Physicians

Learn how to Fight LESS, Love MORE, and Invest Smarter:

  • Twice weekly group coaching sessions.

  • One-on-one coaching sessions with Kate.

  • Community of Like-minded individuals.

  • Accountability Partners for peer support. 

  • Tools for life-long relationship success.

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Kate Mangona, MD—I am a physician married to a physician and continuously working towards marital interdependence and financial freedom. Shortly after COVID began, I realized that despite 6 years of marriage, 5 years as an attending, and less than one year away from being financially independent, I had a lifetime more to learn.

And with the new life circumstances, COVID brought to town, a whole new level of anxiety arose as our mortality became more tangible… COVID was on our minds 24/7 and we were more serious at home and at work. This was a shock and huge change for us as I am sure it was for you as well. COVID led to a lot of drastic life changes for all of us.

As tensions continued to rise through March and April, I decided to join three women physicians coaching groups which opened my life to a whole new level of realization. I started seeing things and circumstances in an entirely new light. Things became lighter and more fun again.

I began working daily on myself and opening up to a community of growth and abundance which has allowed me to intentionally exist with more space for love in my marriage and in every relationship in my life.

My calling has become to share all I have learned with you. This is why we became physicians right? To help people? This is probably why you became a physician too. And after 17 years in the medical space, I have learned that the burden we place on doctors in today’s healthcare world is so great, that it is sometimes unsurvivable. Doctors throughout the nation are suffering from burnout, decision fatigue, and failed relationships at work and at home.

We have the power and resources to reverse or prevent this emotional drain.

Let us begin to harness the power within us to take our marriages to the next level.

Let us unleash the mindset and tools required to strengthen our marriages.

We will love and appreciate more.

We will argue, defend, and criticize less.

We will create more intimacy and connection.

We will do this!

You can do this.

Believe it is possible!!!!